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Robert Morgan & Company

    Steeple & Building Restoration
      __________Since 1906___________


64-foot double masted schooner built by my father, then sailing it around the world to include my father, our family and myself on a 3 year journey.

Robert J. Morgan with youngest son Colton Morgan.

The next generation...Colton Morgan,
son of Robert J. Morgan
Photo Above: Younger days... my brother John and myself.
Caption reads;  First mate, John, and crewman Robbie, on "Old Glory" - a schooner that will still be around when the others are melted down...according to Robbie.
About Robert Morgan & Co...
  Our family legacy began in 1906, when my great grandfather was contracted to decorate and paint St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.  Since then we have worked on Steeples, towers, chimneys, flag poles, and historic structures.  It's evolution has taken place over four generations and continues on today.  Our experience consists of, but not limited to Block & Tackle Rigging, Copper Roofing, Painting, Vinyl Siding & Carpentry, Brick & Stone Pointing, Slate Roofing, Gold Leaf Application, Pressure Washing & Waterproofing. We are based in Littleton, NH, traveling throughout New England, Church to Church, restoring the beauty each and every hold, using techniques similar to the way the original architecture was created. 

A little about myself ...

I have been a part of the business for about 30 years now, starting as a 14 year old boy working with my dad during summer vacations. My father was an incredible man, my best friend, and I have modeled him all my life. He was skilled in the may diverse crafts required of steeple and building restoration. He used old-time skills and knowledge taken from many walks of life to become proficient in his trade. In fact, during the early years of my father operating the business, he did work on the Empire State Building, repairing after it was hit by a passing plane, he also worked on water towers as well as Churches, had a flagpole company, and also built beautiful wooden boats as a hobby.

In the early 1970's, my father built a 64-foot double masted schooner in Thailand. Then setting out on what became a 3 ½ year journey around the world to include himself and our family (myself being 7 yrs. Old at the outset). It was upon our return that the family business ultimately narrowed down it's focus of work to be on Churches and Building Restoration.

For the better part of 20 years, I have worked alongside my father. He has passed along to me, his skills, knowledge, and manner. In time, I took over the operation of the business as my father assisted me in amongst the building of several more large wooden boats and the adventures that went along with them. I have been running our family company since 1994.

My father passed away in 1999, but his skills and knowledge will live on through me and the company he molded.

Myself, I have made my home in a small town in Northern  New Hampshire where I enjoy the company of family, friends, and the outdoors.

Robert J. Morgan

My Father and Best Friend...Robert J. Morgan, Sr., may he rest in peace and always know how much he is loved, missed, & remembered...always.
My Father Robert Morgan Sr. Airborne

                  "Old Glory"

My Boys and I from left to right... Jeremy, Colton, myself, Justin and Robbie III

                Family time aboard "Old Glory" - mapping our journey...

The Crew of the US schooner "Old Glory" built by my father, then setting sail...on a three year journey!
back left to right - My sister Angel, crew mates; Gavin and Tony, my sister Sugar, my father, mysellf and my mother...and in front crew mates; Ivan and Nick.

     My Loving Father and Mother -  Robert & Rosemary Morgan